Grants, Scholarships and Assistantships for Doctoral and Masters Degree Students

A Ph.D. is a research degree that involves producing original knowledge and scholarship. Alma Mater Ph.D. candidates present their scholarship at research colloquia and conferences, publish their work in peer-reviewed publications, and conduct research either at or away from the university. Some also teach courses, are involved in multiple research projects, and apply for grants and fellowships. A master's degree at Alma Mater Europaea involves completing a master's thesis. Some students' theses are of the highest quality and converted into books or scholarly articles.

Alma Mater Europaea is pleased to announce research grants, full-tuition scholarships, stipends, research fellowships, and teaching assistantships. For students applying in 2023, Alma Mater and its partners offer the following:

-- Academicus Scholarships, available to Masters and Ph.D. students. For a maximum of 9,000 Euros for three years (3,000 Euros per year) for students who demonstrate passion and talent or need financial support.

-- Plenković Scholarships, available to Masters and Ph.D. students. Two students will receive these highly selective and prestigious grants covering all costs, including full tuition, travel and board, to conduct world-class research related to media, information science, or public relations. Candidates must demonstrate past publications or remarkable achievements and the ability to produce exceptional research.

-- Teaching Assistantships, available to selected Ph.D. candidates who will co-teach undergraduate classes.

-- Artificial Intelligence solution grants, available to Applied Artificial Intelligence Ph.D. students. If you have a specific Artificial Intelligence project or research topic that you care deeply about and are interested in studying the project or subject from a theoretical angle, we invite you to combine your work with a doctorate. Grants are available for up to 120,000 Euros for three years (40,000 Euros per year). World-changing AI solutions may receive even more significant business partnership proposals.

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